May 6th, 2008

Respess on The Other Side of the Tracks

It’s a romantic ghost story. I didn’t know there was such a thing. At any rate, the folks at Good Night Film have used Respess to good effect on the titles, website and promo materials for their film “The Other Side of the Tracks”.


July 7th, 2003

Respess at TypeCon 2003

You may remember last year I showed Time of the Revolving etc at TypeCon last year. This year in the TypeGallery at the conference Minneapolis, I’ll be showing Respess Capitals, my fancy new rubber stamp font that has the unique property of having four perfectly overlapping [read more…]

July 7th, 2002

Time of the Revolving Door at TypeCon ’02

Like many of the other type designers going to TypeCon 2002 this summer, I’ll have a font in the TypeGallery which accompanies it. But you don’t have to go to Toronto to see it. Here is the poster I will be showing: