January 4th, 2012

Halcyon used in unique book: Twice Just to be Sure

Twice Just to be Surre, by Uncle Pea

During 2011, I had the joy of working on this book, written by Joel Pomerantz and illustrated beautifully by Lance Jackson. It’s the story of a child contemplating the [read more…]

March 9th, 2011

Splurge Used on Business Book Cover

I just received an email from Camille Rose, author of the book Your Business Plan is LIKE A BRA . . . it supports your every move to let me know she had used Splurge on the back [read more…]

February 6th, 2006

Free?Fonts book

Wowee! Cricket, Halcyon, Respess Capitals, The Time Of The Revolving Door And Friends, Splurge, Thicket, and Ticket Capitals all appear in this new volume by

October 1st, 2002

The Best Fonts Money Can’t Buy – book

I am happy to report that Cricket will appear in Free fonts! Designer Fonts Online : The Best Fonts Money Can’t Buy by Kathleen Ziegler, Nick Greco, and Tamye Riggs.

This full-color book has 150 high-quality fonts, all free! It makes great browsing [read more…]