May 22nd, 2010

New! Vintage Rubber Stamp Alphas!

Free download of grayscale raster image files of vintage rubber stamp impressions for layout and scrapbooking.

If you’re into digital scrapbooking or other kinds of Photoshop layout, you know that fonts are great, but they can’t give you the shades of gray that say “real stamping”. Sometimes you want that authentic look but either you [read more…]

May 22nd, 2010

New font! No 130 Fulton Street

Another new font from antique rubber stamps! This set is probably the Fulton Sign Writer Artistamp set, but I’m not entirely certain because it was just thrown into the case with the larger Fulton Sign and Price Markers set I used for a previous font.

January 9th, 2009

New font! Fulton Sign And Price Markers

Last Fall, I created my first new font in a couple years. You see, this is how it goes; I’m ready to retire, hang up my font-making cap forever — then a new font comes out. It usually happens in one day!

At any rate, I introduce: Fulton Sign And Price Markers, my third [read more…]