May 16th, 2010

New Font! Ticket Capitals Outlines

Some time back, I found a set of rubber stamps to match the ones I used to make Ticket Capitals 450 miles and 10 years apart from the original encounter. God bless global trade. They’ve been sitting around, being the poor cousins of Ticket Capitals, languishing in rubber and getting no digital opportunities — until now, that is. Announcing the debut of Ticket Capitals Outlines. (insert fanfare here) It’s even better than the original Ticket Caps because there are three whole weights with two different alphabets in each. So, you have 6 choices for each letter,and enough punctuation for the basics. (Complete showings are here.)

Here are a few shots of the stamps (both sets) and the stamping I scanned for the new fonts.

So, wait no longer. Go get your own fresh, hot, sticky copy of Ticket Capitals Outlines.

2 comments to New Font! Ticket Capitals Outlines

  • Darlene

    I would like to find rubber stamps that are exactly those! I *love* the outline stamps and if you could tell me where you got those I would really appreciate it. :) Thanks.

  • Abecedarienne

    Well, okay, but I doubt it will help.

    I got the first set (solid) in Northridge, CA at a Pic’n’Save in about 1993. I got the second set (outline) in San Francisco, CA in a stationery store that is no longer there in about 2003.

    There is a set of rubber stamps based on this font, however, that you can buy in 2 sizes from this site.

    I hope that helps!

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