May 22nd, 2010

New font! No 130 Fulton Street

Another new font from antique rubber stamps! This set is probably the Fulton Sign Writer Artistamp set, but I’m not entirely certain because it was just thrown into the case with the larger Fulton Sign and Price Markers set I used for a previous font.

No. 130 Fulton St, Elizabeth, NJ was the address of the Fulton Rubber Type Company in Elizabeth, NJ. For over 50 years, they made hundreds of different alphabet sets in rubber, whether for making signage or for office use.

No 130 Fulton Street has a medium and a light weight, with a total of four choices for each letter. As always, it’s free. You can download the font here, oh! and if you’re into digital scrapbooking or other kinds of photoshop layout, you might like the virtual stamping set, available here.

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