January 4th, 2012

Halcyon used in unique book: Twice Just to be Sure

During 2011, I had the joy of working on this book, written by Joel Pomerantz and illustrated beautifully by Lance Jackson. It’s the story of a child contemplating the world through language, music, food and family. I’ve never encountered a story like it before.

The fun part for me (other than designing the book, which is always fun) was customizing the font. I created a version that had some OpenType properties that supported the fun and the ideas in the book. As an example, you can see on the page below with the piano river that the ‘e’ in “patterns” is inverted. In HalcyPom (the special version) that’s a built-in feature; every time you type the word “pattern”, the e inverts. It’s a pattern! (See what Joel did there? Very clever…)

Below are three spreads from the book. (Click them to enlarge.) You can see a slideshow of all the pages before you purchase a copy for yourself or for a creative family you know.

You might have noticed that music is central to the theme of the book. See that music running through the book? Now you can hear it, in a joyous music video that Joel put together to celebrate the book.

You can even find the sheet music and other supplemental fun stuff from the book on the Yums page. So don’t miss it.

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