September 14th, 2012

Ending the Sexual Dark Age uses Respess in Logo

Well, ain’t that swell!?

I got turned on (ahem) to this nifty podcast recently, and when I got around to checking out their website, I discovered that they’ve used Respess Capitals Medium for their logo.

Check it out:

It took me a minute to be sure that was Respess under all that gilding, but I confirmed it with the man behind EtSDA, J.V. Altharas. Thanks, J.V.!

January 4th, 2012

Halcyon used in unique book: Twice Just to be Sure

During 2011, I had the joy of working on this book, written by Joel Pomerantz and illustrated beautifully by Lance Jackson. It’s the story of a child contemplating the world through language, music, food and family. I’ve never encountered a story like it before.

The fun part for me (other than designing the book, which is always fun) was customizing the font. I created a version that had some OpenType properties that supported the fun and the ideas in the book. As an example, you can see on the page below with the piano river that the ‘e’ in “patterns” is inverted. In HalcyPom (the special version) that’s a built-in feature; every time you type the word “pattern”, the e inverts. It’s a pattern! (See what Joel did there? Very clever…)

Below are three spreads from the book. (Click them to enlarge.) You can see a slideshow of all the pages before you purchase a copy for yourself or for a creative family you know.

You might have noticed that music is central to the theme of the book. See that music running through the book? Now you can hear it, in a joyous music video that Joel put together to celebrate the book.

You can even find the sheet music and other supplemental fun stuff from the book on the Yums page. So don’t miss it.

March 9th, 2011

Splurge Used on Business Book Cover

I just received an email from Camille Rose, author of the book Your Business Plan is LIKE A BRA . . . it supports your every move to let me know she had used Splurge on the back cover of her book.

Here it is (click to see more info on the book):

Your Business Plan is LIKE A BRA - back cover

Splurge is used on the yellow note on the left side.

Thank you, Camille, and BRAva on publishing the book.

January 9th, 2011

Designer Natesh Daniel uses Splurge for website

I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to acknowledge this! For a couple years now, fine graphic designer and human being Natesh Daniel has featured Splurge for the display font on his graphic design portfolio website. I think it looks beautiful!

Some images of the front page gallery (click to zoom in):

His work is excellent. Do consider him for your next graphic design project.

August 4th, 2010

Little Hipsters comic uses Splurge

Hah! I am LOLing.

This new webcomic Little Hipsters is using Splurge for its lettering.


I am so glad they are not using Comic Sans, because they would have to use it ironically, and that’s hard.